Welcome to scopewe, Where Comfort Meets Innovation,
Founded in March 2020 by parents Lucas and Ellena, scopewe is a testament to the power of innovation and a passion for parenting. Our journey began with the desire to create a product that could enhance both baby’s comfort and parents’ convenience. This led to the creation of our flagship product, the Baby Swing Rocker Electric Bluetooth.

As parents themselves, we understood the challenges of raising a child while striving to maintain a sense of calm. Our vision was simple yet groundbreaking – to develop a swing that combined traditional soothing with modern technology. The result was the Baby Swing Rocker Electric Bluetooth, offering remote control and comfort in perfect harmony.

At scopewe, our commitment to quality and innovation is personal. We hand-select and curate each Baby Swing Rocker Electric Bluetooth to ensure excellence, safety, and convenience.

Experience the journey that we started – a journey that celebrates the joys of parenthood and the possibilities of innovation. Discover our curated selection of Baby Swing Rocker Electric Bluetooth, designed to provide a serene haven for both babies and parents.

Thank you for making scopewe a part of your story.

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