18th Annual Penn Neurology Board Review Course 2021 (CME VIDEOS)


Course Overview

The list of course topics and subtopics was adapted from the ABPN’s description of the board and recertification examinations. The time allotted for each topic is based upon the approximate distribution of the subject matter as given by the ABPN. Our course will provide an excellent review of board exam and recertification topics primarily through case-based learning and help the learner identify areas that require further study. The learner can then review and prepare further in these areas prior to taking the examination.

Target Audience


  1. Prepare for either the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry (ABPN) Board Examination in Neurology or the Recertification Examination.
  2. Discuss topics in neurology basic science, including neuroanatomy, neuropathology, and neurochemistry.
  3. Discuss common and new topics in clinical adult neurology, including neurovascular, movement disorders, sleep, headache, epilepsy, nueromuscular, neuro-immunology, neuro-infectious disease, and behavioral neurology
  4. Review the diagnostic criteria for chronic migraine and the available treatments
  5. Review the diagnostic criteria for relapsing remitting and primary progressive multiple sclerosis and the available treatments


– Afferent Neuro-ophthalmology
– Alcoholism
– Altered States of Consciousness
– Antianxiety Agents
– Anticonvulsants
– Antidepressants and Mood Stabilizers
– Antipsychotics
– Autonomic Nervous System
– Basal Ganglia and Thalamus
– Behavioral Neurology Through Clinical Cases
– Brain Death Criteria
– Brainstem and Cranial Nerves
– Cerebellum
– Cerebral Cortex
– Channelopathies and Brain Malformations
– Clinical Pediatric Neurology
– CNS and Infections Virology, Fungi, and Opportunistic Infections
– CNS and Systemic Infections Bacteria, Atypical Bacteria, Spirochetes
– CNS and Systemic Infections Virology Psychiatric Neurologic Problems Associated with Medical Disease Through Clinical Cases
– CNS Infections Prion Diseases and Travel Neurology
– CNS Infections Vaccines and Antimicrobial Side Effects
– Differential Diagnosis of Brain and Spinal Mass Lesions
– Disorders of Basic Molecule Metabolism
– Disorders of Complex Molecule Metabolism
– Disorders of Energy Metabolism
– Disorders of Neuromuscular Junction Transmission
– DSM-V Diagnostic Criteria for Anxiety and Somatiform Disorders – Part 3
– DSM-V Diagnostic Criteria for Mood Disorders – Part 1 –
– DSM-V Diagnostic Criteria for Personality Disorders and Psychodynamic Considerations – Part 4
– DSM-V Diagnostic Criteria for Psychotic Disorders – Part 2
– Efferent Neuro-ophthalmology
– Embryology
– Epilepsy and EEG Through Clinical Cases
– Epilepsy
– Evoked Potentials
– Headache Through Clinical Cases
– Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders
– Hypokinetic Movement Disorders
– Imaging of Neuroinflammatory and Neuroinfectious Diseases
– Imaging of Neurovascular Diseases
– Imaging of Pediatric Diseases
– Imaging of Traumatic, Toxic-Metabolic, and Neurodegenerative Diseases
– Lower Extremity Peripheral Neuroanatomy
– Marijuana, Ecstasy, PCP and Other Drugs of Abuse
– Mendelian-inherited Neurogenetic Disease
– Migranes
– Mitochondrial Disorders and Trinucleotide Repeat
– Movement Disorders Through Clinical Cases
– Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis and Pathogenesis
– Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
– Muscle Contraction
– Myopathies
– Nerve Conduction Studies
– Neurochemistry
– Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases
– Neuroendocrinology
– Neuroimaging Through Clinical Cases
– NeuroImmunology Through Clinical Cases
– Neurology and Systemic Disease Metabolic Derangements, Renal, GI, Dermatology, and Neuro-inflammatory Disease
– Neurology and Systemic Disease Neurohematology and Neurocardiology
– Neuromuscular Diseases Through Clinical Cases
– Neuromuscular Junction Disease Through Clinical Cases
– Neuromuscular Junction
– Neuro-oncology
– Neuroophthalmology Through Clinical Cases
– Neuropathies
– Neuropathology Through Clinical Cases
– Neurophysiology EMG VEP BAERS Through Clinical Cases
– Neuropsychological Testing
– Neurovascular Syndromes
– Neurovascular Through Clinical Cases
– Nicotine, Cocaine, Benzodiazepine, and Opiate Abuse
– Normal Central Nervous System Histology
– Normal Development and Other Pediatric Considerations
– Normal Nerve and Muscle Histology
– Normal Sleep Physiology
– Pathology of Central Nervous System Infections
– Pathology of Central Nervous System Tumors
– Pathology of Congenital and Developmental Malformations
– Pathology of Disorders of Myelin
– Pathology of Neurodegenerative Disease
– Pathology of the Peripheral Nervous System
– Pathology of Toxic-Metabolic Diseases
– Pathology of Vascular Disease and Trauma
– Pediatric Neurology Through Clinical Cases I
– Pediatric Neurology Through Clinical Cases II
– Peripheral Nerve Function
– Phakomatoses
– Principles Guiding Brain and Spinal Imaging Interpretation
– Principles of Different Imaging Modalities
– Psychiatry and Substance Abuse Through Clinical Cases
– Secondary Headaches
– Sleep Disorders
– Sleep Through Clinical Cases
– Spinal Cord
– Spinal Roots
– Tension Headaches and Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalgias
– Treatment of Ischemic Stroke
– Treatment of Neuromuscular Junction Disorders
– Upper Extremity Peripheral Neuroanatomy

Date of Release : March 8th 2021

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