2020 William Steinberg Board Review in Gastroenterology and Best Practices Course (CME VIDEOS)


The Steinberg Board Review In Gastroenterology & Best Practices Course is designed for fellows and doctors preparing to their certifying board exams. In addition, practicing physicians benefit greatly from a comprehensive
practitiontrs and physician assistants in a GI practice will find this course invaluable for contunuing educational needs . Above all, the Steinberg Board Review in Gastroenterology & Best Practices Course sets
standard review of  courses. More than 11,000 gastroenterologists attended this course since Dr. Steinberg created
, many attendees take the course more than once.

Topics :

Viral hepatitis
Drug induced liver disease
Autoimmune liver disease
Liver disease and pregnancy
Genetic liver disease
Portal hypertension
Liver potpourri
Liver board type questions
Biliary tract disease
Acute pancreatitis
Chronic pancreatitis
Pancreas board type questions
Motility disorders
Barret’s/Eosiphilic esophagitis
Gastroduodenal mucosal disorders
Nonvariceal upper GI bleeding
Gastric and small bowel motility disorders
Constipation/defecatory disorders
Colon polyps and Cancer genetic syndromes
Colonoscopy best practices
GI infections
Colon potpurri and board type questions
Celiac disease
Nonceliac small bowel disease
Liver Q&A session
Pancreatico-biliary Q&A session
Upper GI tract Q&A session
Colon cancer/colonoscopy/Upper endoscopy Q&A session
Colon/small bowel Q&A session
Release Date : 9.22.2020

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