ARRS Contrast Reaction Management: Conundrums and Pitfalls Online Course 2020 (CME VIDEOS)


Given the uniform use of low osmolar and iso-osmolar contrast media agents, life-threatening contrast media-related reactions have become relatively infrequent. However, when an unpredictable reaction occurs unexpectedly, radiologists and CT support staff are frequently ill-prepared to manage—often making irreversible mistakes with potentially grave patient consequences and outcomes, including death. This Online Course will address common conundrums and pitfalls for radiologists managing unexpected contrast media reactions in the CT suite.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

  • describe the severity of contrast reactions and their appropriate treatment
  • discuss how to recognize and manage iodine mumps sialadenitis
  • apply practice tips for premedication in unusual situations including patients already on corticosteroids or missed doses
  • specify the differences between and indications for elective versus accelerated premedication regimens

Speakers and Lectures

  • Differentiating Physiologic from Allergic-Like Reactions—M. Parker
  • Difficulties Using Atropine Syringe During Vasovagal Reaction—G. Salazar
  • Confusing Contrast-Induced Laryngeal Edema for Bronchospasm With Incorrect Use of Albuterol—G. Salazar
  • Use of the Wrong Oxygen Delivery System—G. Salazar
  • Incorrect Treatment of Hypotension With Tachycardia and Hives With Diphenhydramine—G. Salazar
  • Does the Dose and Route of Epinephrine Really Matter? Confusion with IM and IV Doses—J. Pahade
  • Ouch That Hurt!!! How Did I Just Inject Myself With the EPI-PEN?—J. Pahade
  • Is This Hypoglycemia or Contrast Induced Hypotension? How Can I Tell?—J. Pahade
  • Mumps Sialadenitis—M. Parker
  • Acute Transient Dyspnea With Gadolinium-Based Contrast Media—M. Sakala
  • Challenges in Premedication: Incorrect Dosing; Allergies to Corticosteroids; Patients Already on Corticosteroids—M. Sakala
  • Prescribing Corticosteroids as “Protective” Against Allergic-Like Reactions Upon Re-exposure—M. Sakala

Date of issuance: July 13, 2020



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