Clinical Anesthesia for the Newborn and the Neonate (EPUB)



The book covers all aspects of anesthesia in newborns, neonates (under 28 days) and premature babies. These patients are highly vulnerable, very small in size and weight, at very high risk, and have high mortality and morbidity, which gets further aggravated by the medical diseases and congenital abnormalities these babies may suffer from.

The book provides knowledge that equips the anesthetists with the regional techniques used to provide both anesthesia and analgesia, including information about the drugs used, skills in providing neuraxial blocks, nerve blocks, etc., complications thereof and the specially designed equipment for these patients (IV cannula, endotracheal tubes, ryles tubes, laryngoscopes, SpO2 probes, monitors, incubators, warmers and heaters, mattresses, OT tables).

The book covers the pharmacology of drugs used, the effect of anesthetic drugs on the developing brain, pulmonary physiology, airway assessment and management, ventilation modes, getting IV and arterial access, preoperative workup, anesthetic management, and postoperative care. It includes care and concerns from both surgical and anesthesia aspects. It covers all the common surgical diseases along with some rare cases such as oncological concerns, palliative care, ethical concerns and pain management. The book also discusses the role and use of ultrasound. The chapter on anesthesia for short procedures includes common birth and neonatal care injuries. The book contains chapters on fluid therapy, blood and blood product transfusion guidelines and indications, resuscitation of a newborn and neonate, and neonatal rehabilitation to improve neonatal outcomes. It contains a dedicated chapter on why these babies are at a high risk of morbidity and mortality and contributing maternal factors. All the chapters are written by experts in their fields with vast experience.

This book bridges the gap in the knowledge of an anesthesiologist between anesthesia for children and adults and newborns, neonates and preterm babies.

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  • Publisher: Springer Nature Singapore; January 18, 2023
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9789811954573
  • ISBN: 9789811954580

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