Clinical Companion: Medical-Surgical Nursing, 3rd Edition


by Gayle McKenzie, Tanya Porter

Perfect For:

  • • Undergraduate bachelor of Nursing students
  • • Diploma of Nursing students
  • • Registered and enrolled nurses re-entering acute care practice after a period of absence

Clinical Companion: Medical-Surgical Nursing, 3rd Edition has been fully revised to provide accessible information to assist with nursing care, including the assessment and management of people experiencing chronic, acute and complex health issues.

Clinical Companion: Medical-Surgical Nursing, 3rd Edition can be used in conjunction with Brown & Edwards Lewis’s Medical-Surgical Nursing, 4th Edition as part of the medical-surgical suite of resources or as a stand- alone quick reference guide.

All body system chapters features the following:

  • • Overview
  • • Anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of related conditions
  • • Common diseases and disorders are presented by causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, complications and nursing considerations
  • • Further actions are indicated in the event that medical or surgical interventions, tests or pharmacology are required.
  • • New chapter on mental health considerations
  • • New hint boxes on the assessment and management of the deteriorating patient included throughout
  • • Revised and updated nutrition section
  • • Revised and updated renal chapter, in particular diabetes and obesity
  • • Revised and updated wound care section
  • • Chapter 2: includes ISBAR in the documentation process
  • • Appendix 1 Life support charts included in the front and back of the book as a ready reference.

Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780729542166
  • Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
  • Publication date: 2/11/2015
  • Edition number: 3
  • Pages: 504

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