Complex Breathlessness (Original PDF from Publisher)


Edited by James H. Hull and Jemma Haines

Complex breathlessness (breathlessness with an unclear cause or that appears disproportionate to underlying causes) is an important and often neglected condition that presents a challenge to both patients and clinicians. This Monograph aims to provide clinicians at all levels with a comprehensive guide to complex breathlessness. Covering all aspects of this challenging clinical scenario, it will prove a useful resource when faced with a symptomatic breathless patient with no obvious underlying cause or with disproportionate symptoms. Several less commonly considered clinical entities and their associated features are highlighted, and approaches to breathlessness management are suggested in the absence of a clear diagnosis or set of abnormalities on investigation.

Product Details:
Published:  2022-09-01, ERS Publication

Copyright year:  2022

Pages: 250

ISBN electronic:  978-1849841528
ISBN electronic:  9781849841528

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