Foot and Ankle Surgery: Tricks of the Trade 1st Edition (Original PDF from Publisher)


by Steven Raikin (Author)
A concise, insightful guide to foot and ankle surgeries from master orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon Steven Raikin

Foot and ankle problems such as injuries, arthritis, congenital and acquired deformities, tendenopathies, heel pain, and nerve damage account for a large percentage of orthopaedic conditions. A better understanding of the biomechanics of the foot and ankle and improved outcome research have led to considerable advances in foot surgery techniques, superior results, and improved functional outcomes. Foot and Ankle Surgery: Tricks of the Trade by renowned foot and ankle specialist Steven Raikin and experts from 12 countries, presents step-by-step guidance on the latest foot and ankle surgery procedures.

Each succinct, consistently organized chapter takes the reader from patient assessment, diagnostic evaluations and patient selection to surgical planning and positioning, the procedure itself, how to handle complications, postoperative management, and the authors’ pearls and surgical tips. The book is divided into forefoot, midfoot, hindfoot, nerve, and ankle pathologies, encompassing commonly performed reconstructive and traumatic procedures. Different techniques are discussed for similar pathologies, such as open and arthroscopic lateral ankle ligament reconstruction, and augmentation options utilizing tendon allograft or an internal brace.

Key Features

Discussion of six different total ankle replacement systems, many written by designers of the systems themselves, affords unique insights
A full spectrum of techniques to correct plantar plate tears, hallux valgus, tarsal tunnel syndrome, drop-foot, midfoot arthritis and deformity, tibial tendon dysfunction, Achilles rupture, osteochondral lesions of the talus, ankle fractures, and more
Tricks and pearls for optimizing procedural performance, managing hazards and pitfalls, and preventing or resolving intraoperative complications
A mix of 500 high quality artist illustrations and intraoperative photographs delineate anatomy and procedures
This highly practical book provides a robust teaching tool for orthopaedic procedures of the foot and ankle. Orthopaedic residents, foot and ankle surgeons, and podiatrists will benefit from clinical pearls and tips from top experts who made major significant contributions to this subspecialty.
Product details
Hardcover: 437 pages
Publisher: Thieme; 1 edition (February 21, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1626234914
ISBN-13: 978-1626234918


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