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Conducting research requires resources to meet the research need. The resources in the research institutes/ centers are often inadequate, limiting the research outcome. Research grants help overcome those limitations and help the researchers carry out quality research without any restriction. Grant proposal writing is an essential skill to be mastered by every researcher. However, the majority of the medical schools, except the few research institutes, do not have a structured learning module for obtaining grants. On most occasions, the skill of writing grant proposals goes by self-learning. For students, it is burdening due to the tremendous time consumed to learn the craft of writing the grant proposal and the exhausting clinical and academic work.

This book is carefully prepared to keep in mind the difficulties faced by the young researchers and the students concerning choosing a funding agency, grant makers’ expectations, budgeting, surveillance and site visits, rights of the researcher and the funding agency, and ethical and legal aspects of obtaining the grant. The book also covers the alternate plan for partial funding or interruption of the financing, reporting the source of funding and acknowledgment, good clinical practice guidelines, and dealing with the rejected grant proposal. The research projects are often dropped or modified extensively due to the limited resources in the existing facility. The researchers are forced to compromise the research objective due to expensive requirements. There is a shortage of awareness regarding the availability of funding and grant for the conduct of research. Even if the researchers are aware of obtaining the financing, there is a lack of training in grant proposal writing, which is essential in getting the research funding.
This book on grant proposal writing for medical and healthcare professionals covers such difficulties and deficiencies. It will provide complete companionship from knowing the funding agency to obtaining the grant.

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  • Publisher: Springer Nature Singapore; January 11, 2023
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9789811970177
  • ISBN: 9789811970184

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