Mastering the Art of Patient Care (EPUB)


Like a mentor you may turn to in times of crisis, this book provides the wisdom earned from countless mentors and patients. You may be standing on the precipice of medical training or well into your career, trying to recapture the joy of medicine. A love of people and a love of science barely capture the essence of a life in medicine; there is so much more to being a physician than the ability to diagnose and treat diseases.
While nothing can fully prepare you for the fear and anxiety that comes with inexperience, Mastering the Art of Patient Care eases some of that uncertainty with a system for surviving and thriving in medical school and beyond. Whatever your stage, the goal of this book is to share successes and failures to help you be a physician who takes outstanding care of patients, colleagues, and trainees and derives great joy from saving lives.

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  • Publisher: Springer International Publishing; January 1, 2023
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9783031209192
  • ISBN: 9783031209208

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