Mosby’s Fluids & Electrolytes Memory NoteCards, 3rd Edition(Original PDF from Publisher)


Completely portable, Mosby’s® Fluids & Electrolytes Memory NoteCards, 3rd Edition is a pocket-sized collection of full-color, spiral-bound cards that uses humor, cartoons, and mnemonics to help you understand and retain important information about fluids and electrolytes. This fun, colorful, and insightful approach makes these cards a valuable learning and review tool throughout nursing school, as well as a great resource for preparing for the NCLEX® examination.

  • UNIQUE! 64 full-color, cartoon mnemonics cover key fluids and electrolytes and acid-base concepts.
  • UNIQUE! Colored highlights draw attention to four central topics: Serious Life Threatening Implications in pink; Common Clinical Findings in blue; Important Nursing Implications in yellow; and Patient Teaching information in green.
  • Concise What You Need to Know information on the back of each image highlights key information and specific nursing implications.
  • Spiral-bound pages made of thick, substantial card stock are durable and portable.
  • Color-coded thumb tabs feature a different color for each section for easy referral.
  • NEW! Two additional cartoons provide current information on new fluids and electrolyte topics, including pulmonary immunology.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Mosby;
  • ISBN: 9780323832267
  • ISBN: 9780323832250
  • Copyright: 2024

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