Pocket Journal Club: Essential Articles in General Surgery (ORIGINAL PDF from Publisher)


by Laura M. Mazer, Kiran Lagisetty, Kathryn L. ButlerLaura M. Mazer

A combination primer on evaluating the surgical literature and summary of landmark articles in general surgery

Pocket Journal Club: Essential Articles in General Surgery is a complete primer on how to efficiently evaluate the surgical literature, conduct literature searches, and identify high-impact articles. It also delivers concise, high-yield summaries of more than 130 of the most important surgical papers of the past few decades. These carefully selected summaries help you better understand the studies that have shaped surgical specialties and continue to inform clinical practice today.


• Articles are conveniently arranged by subspecialty fields within general surgery
• Each article summary is accompanied by brief commentary explaining the paper’s importance and relevance to current practice
• Designed to guide you towards a practice grounded in evidence, and enhance your ability to find and evaluate new information
• Essential reading for medical students, surgical trainees, as well as practicing clinicians who want an index of cornerstone literature

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ISBN-13: 9781259587580
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 11/03/2016
Pages: 448

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