Positive Affect Treatment for Depression and Anxiety (Original PDF from Publisher)


Author: Alicia E. Meuret; Halina Dour; Amanda Loerinc Guinyard; Michelle G. Craske

Positive Affect Treatment for Depression and Anxiety: Workbook is intended to be used by clients with clinical presentation of depression, anxiety or a loss of interest in activities. Results show that Positive Affect Treatment not only improves positive mood state but also decreases depression and anxiety. The treatment works by increasing reward sensitivity and encouraging positive emotions, rather than focusing only on reducing negative emotions. Self-assessment quizzes, homework exercises, and interactive forms allow clients to become active participants in their own treatment, whilst also monitoring progress and keeping a record of symptoms. This workbook will be an indispensable resource for individuals who wish to effectively and efficiently regain interest and enjoyment in their usual activities while improving their quality of life.

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  • Publisher:Oxford University Press; September 2022
  • Language: English 
  • ISBN:978-0197548622
  • ISBN:9780197548622

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