Schlafstörungen ganzheitlich behandeln (EPUB)



The book clearly conveys a complete holistic therapy concept for the treatment of sleep disorders and thus continues the author’s previous work “Nonorganic Sleep Disorders” in terms of content and methodology. Based on imparting knowledge about the functions of sleep and the evident consequences of sleep disorders, Carolin Marx-Dick describes the multimodal treatment in the sense of mind-body medicine with the help of compact and practice-tested instructions, including mindfulness-based therapy techniques, body therapy elements, nutrition and exercise therapy and naturopathic treatments. Working and patient materials are made available for download, which enable an uncomplicated and short-term application of the therapy methods. Overview tables give the treating person a quick orientation for diagnostics, therapy planning and the use of targeted therapy modules. All the methods presented have proven themselves in practice and can enable patients to maintain their health over the long term.

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  • Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg; January 1, 2023
  • Language: German
  • ISBN: 9783662650189
  • ISBN: 9783662650196

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