Tattoos und Tattooentfernung (EPUB)


By everything you need to know

Everything you should know about tattoos today. Preferably before you get your tattoo done! Summarized by experts in one book!

In Germany, more than 12 million people are currently tattooed, the majority of whom have several tattoos on their skin – and the trend is rising. The topic of colorful body decoration as a form of strengthening one’s individuality, fashion accessory or “just for fun” is increasingly becoming the focus of a wide variety of target groups. Be it the cultural history of tattooing, the psychological background, why people worldwide get tattooed regardless of their origin, culture or point of view, or health aspects of tattoos and tattoo removal – the topic of tattooing offers numerous exciting facets.

With this guide, professional tattooists, physicians, psychologists, historians and leading experts are addressing tattoo wearers and those who may want to be tattooed soon, together with their accumulated know-how and relevant facts according to the current state of knowledge.

With proven expertise, tips are given and questions answered. Where does the tattoo come from? What do you have to consider before tattooing and how do I find my tattoo artist? What risks and side effects can occur and how can I later change my tattoo motif or have it completely removed?


Product Details

  • Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg; January 2023
  • Language: German
  • ISBN: 9783662625606
  • ISBN: 9783662625590

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