The Right Price: A Value-Based Prescription for Drug Costs (Original PDF from Publisher)


The US prescription drug business is a $500 billion industry whose rising prices carry profound consequences for patients, caregivers, employers and taxpayers across the nation. In the United States, average prices of leading brand-name drugs are two to four times higher than prices charged inother wealthy countries, raising questions as to what Americans are getting for the extra expense. On the other hand, healthy industry returns have arguably fueled life-saving innovation. With the advent of ever more targeted and powerful treatments, including cell- and gene-based therapies withmulti-million-dollar price tags, the need for sensible drug pricing policies will only intensify.The Right Price sheds light on the controversial topic of drug pricing by providing an accessible guide to pharmaceutical markets and analytic techniques used to measure the value of drug therapies. It illustrates the need for value-based pricing through real-life stories of patients and theirexperiences with the drug industry and explains why simple solutions like price controls and the importation of cheaper drugs from other countries are problematic. This volume describes how researchers and policy makers have pursued drug valuation efforts in the past, and lays out a series ofrecommendations, based on years of shared author experience serving on national drug policy platforms, for how to further improve pharmaceutical value assessment in the United States.With unique industry insights and clear narrative, The Right Price unveils why the pricing of drugs continues to be so challenging and how public and private officials can create more informed policies to achieve the right balance between drug pricing and value.

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  • Publisher:Oxford University Press (May 20, 2021)
  • Language:English
  • Paperback:272 pages
  • ISBN-10:0197512879
  • ISBN-13:978-0197512876
  • ISBN-13:9780197512876
  • eText ISBN: 9780197512906
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