Advanced Techniques in Image-Guided Brain and Spine Surgery


by Isabelle M. Germano (Editor)

As minimally invasive surgery becomes the standard of care in neurosurgery, it is imperative that surgeons become skilled in the use of image-guided techniques. This outstanding new book provides an in-depth analysis of current and developing applications in this rapidly growing field. A highly acclaimed team of authors share their experience with this exciting technology, outlining benefits and limitations of each technique. The book begins with an overview of image-guided neurosurgery, and then continues with specific cranial and spinal procedures. You’ll get full coverage of clinical applications for topics such as: videotactic neurosurgery, needle biopsy, cranial and spinal navigation, and much more! Key features of the book: * Full analysis of current and future applications of image-guided procedures * Detailed descriptions of procedures, from basic to the most advanced * An international who’s who of contributors, all of whom have significantly advanced contributions to the field of image-guided surgery * Valuable information that leads to more effective results and optimal patient care Increasing evidence shows there are many advantages to using image-guided techniques. It can make procedures more efficient, minimize exposure and invasiveness, define resection boundaries, and optimize hardware placement. Here is the clinical reference that neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, and residents need to get the most up-to-date assessment of this vital field. Stay on the cutting-edge of an exciting new technology; order your copy of ADVANCED TECHNIQUES IN IMAGE-GUIDED BRAIN AND SPINE SURGERY today!


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