Electrophysiological Disorders of the Heart, 2nd Edition (ORIGINAL PDF from Publisher)


by Sanjeev Saksena, A. John Camm

The new edition of Electrophysiological Disorders of the Heart helps you diagnose and treat a full range of heart rhythm disorders using today’s latest technologies and therapies. It provides practical, hands-on coverage of hot topics such as pediatric EP, imaging, echocardiography-guided EP procedures, regenerative therapies, cardiac pacing, and more. Now available in a new full-color format, the title also includes easy online access at www.expertconsult.com.

• Discover new ways to treat and manage the full range of heart rhythm disorders with content focused on common clinical features, diagnosis, and management.
• Review expert management strategies to help you handle complex patient problems.
• Stay current with the latest molecular and technical advances as well as new treatment options implemented over the last few years.

• Use the latest technologies and devices to accurately diagnose and manage heart rhythm disorders.
• Consult new and expanded coverage of regenerative therapies, echo-guided procedures, cardiac pacing, and CRT, as well as a new section on pediatric electrophysiology and imaging.
• Enjoy improved visual guidance with many new full-color images.
• Log on to www.expertconsult.com to easily search the complete contents online and access a downloadable image library.

Learn about and apply the latest technologies and clinical & device therapies to treat electrophysiological disorders.

Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781437702859
  • Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
  • Publication date: 1/13/2012
  • Edition number: 2
  • Pages: 1488

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