Microbial Biotechnology: Progress and Trends


by Farshad Darvishi Harzevili (Editor), Hongzhang Chen (Editor)

Incorporates the Experiences of World-Class Researchers

Microbial Biotechnology: Progress and Trends offers a theoretical take on topics that relate to microbial biotechnology. The text uses the “novel experimental experiences” of various contributors from around the world—designed as case studies—to highlight relevant topics, issues, and recent developments surrounding this highly interdisciplinary field. It factors in metagenomics and microbial biofuels production, and incorporates major contributions from a wide range of disciplines that include microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, chemistry, biochemical engineering, and bioprocess engineering. In addition, it also provides a variety of photos, diagrams, and tables to help illustrate the material.

The book consists of 15 chapters and contains subject matter that addresses:

  • Microbial biotechnology from its historical roots to its different processes
  • Some of the new developments in upstream processes
  • Solid-state fermentation as an interesting field in modern fermentation processes
  • Recent developments in the production of valuable microbial products such as biofuels, organic acids, amino acids, probiotics, healthcare products, and edible biomass
  • Important microbial activities such as biofertilizer, biocontrol, biodegradation, and bioremediation

Students, scientists, and researchers can benefit from Microbial Biotechnology: Progress and Trends, a resource that addresses biotechnology, applied microbiology, bioprocess/fermentation technology, healthcare/pharmaceutical products, food innovations/food processing, plant agriculture/crop improvement, energy and environment management, and all disciplines related to microbial biotechnology.

Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781482245202
  • Publisher: Taylor & Francis
  • Publication date: 11/7/2014
  • Pages: 379

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