Professional Practice Models in Nursing: Successful Health System Implementation


by Joanne R. Duffy

“Rarely is there a comprehensive work of this magnitude produced to provide intense and practical direction.…This work…is a must read for those nurse leaders following in our footsteps. It will enable them to increase their knowledge of the systems and processes required to implement, sustain, and measure professional nursing practice while providing a strategic framework to guide their plans for their organizations in the future. “


  • Karen S. Hill, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE, FAAN

    Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Nursing Administration

    From the Foreword

“Dr. Joanne Duffy is an authority in developing practice models…This text effectively creates a blueprint for how to make this process as meaningful as possible regardless of the model chosen or the type of organization…One of the highlights that is often missed and that Dr. Duffy clearly illustrates is the critical importance of evaluation.…

The principles, rationale, best practice examples, and reflective questions include crucial information needed to fully integrate professional practice models. The author delivers one of the most important works on this topic to date.”


  • Karen Cox, RN, PhD, FACHE, FAAN

    Executive Vice President/Co-Chief Operating Officer

    Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics

    From the Foreword

This is the first resource to demonstrate to nurse leaders, administrators, and staff how to develop, apply, and successfully integrate a professional practice model into a health system. It delivers best practices for creating, implementing, evaluating, adapting, adopting, and revising professional practice models that contribute to improving patient outcomes. Consolidating a wealth of information in one place, the text describes a coordinated and consistent approach that generates an in-depth understanding of professional practice models including their implementation and evaluation.

Distinguished by its focus on the “how to” of successful enculturation—a common obstacle for many nursing professionals—the text guides nurse leaders and educators in the process of integrating professional practice models into clinical workflow, advancing nursing practice, improving the quality of patient care, and facilitating Magnet® designation. Specific methods and implementation strategies are delineated along with tipping points and milestones. Real-life examples offer relevant lessons from others who have encountered problems and created successful solutions along the way. They describe approaches, resolutions to problems, unique insights, and meaningful revisions. Opportunities for reflection and case analysis are presented and chapters—each with comprehensive, concise, evidence-based content—include learning objectives, key summary points, reflective exercises, illustrations, charts, and “learning from the field” insets.

Key Features:


  • Encompasses essential information for developing, applying, and diffusing a professional practice model
  • Provides comprehensive, concise, and evidence-based content
  • Written by a renowned nurse leader, educator, and researcher with expertise in the enculturation of professional practice models
  • Addresses one of the criteria necessary for Magnet® designation
  • Includes a strong disciplinary perspective with a focus on professionalism and demonstrating value

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ISBN-13: 9780826126443
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication date: 01/28/2016
Pages: 336

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